The BALM BASICS – What the course consists of and how to navigate the program most effectively

BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Education

What it is

  • Information:
    • Weekly Wednesday Night Live Calls all year on the 12 Principles of BALM® Family Recovery
    • 120+ recorded calls including:
      • 12 core lesson recordings on the principles
      • Interviews with Experts on Addiction and Recovery
      • Speakers in Recovery
      • Family Member Speakers
      • Discussions
      • Be A Loving Mirror Demonstrations
    • Written Materials:
      • Powerpoint slides on PDF
      • 98 page workbook on the election
      • Handouts to explain and enhance the lessons and principles
    • Transformation:
      • 8 week course offered throughout the year on the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror
      • Includes:
        • 7 Steps to BALM® E-Textbook
        • A weekly partner to practice with
        • Opportunity to practice during the class
        • Demonstrations of how to do the steps
        • Tools to help you effectively get your life back and help your struggling loved one MOST effectively
      • Support
        • Regular support calls are held at least twice weekly for one hour
        • During these calls, family members may come on, ask questions about the material and about particular situations they are facing with their loved ones
        • If a family is enrolled in a treatment center or has been sent by a treatment center or particular practitioner who is working with their loved one, they will be referred back to that center or practitioner for questions about their loved one’s treatment, therapy or coaching.


Why Do this???

  • The Family has a crucial role to play in a loved one’s recovery! You are either contributing to your loved one’s addiction or their recovery – This program empowers you to consistently practice contributing to their recovery.
  • When the family gets well, the loved one has a MUCH better chance of getting well. Don’t you want to maximize your chances of helping your loved one get well? Education can make the difference between acting as someone who helps and someone who doesn’t
  • Codependency cuts 3-5 years off of a family member’s life. Your ability to disentangle from the web of co-addiction in a healthy way, depends upon your knowledge base about family recovery and your willingness to practice healthy relationship behaviors.
  • These 12 principles and 7 steps are based on the research of what works to help families and loved ones recover from the dis-ease of addiction. While there are NO guarantees that your loved one will choose recovery, they will allow YOU to recover and they are your loved one’s BEST chance when you put them into practice!

First Steps

  1. You, your sponsor or treatment center pay for the course.
  2. Then, you (or your sponsor or treatment center) give us your name, email, phone number. We send you a welcome letter requesting participant names and emails
  3. You respond
  4. We send you access to:
    1. Weekly Wednesday night calls on the Daily BALM® (12 Principles)
    2. Family Recovery Academy Website which houses all of our recordings and handouts for all courses
  5. We put you on a list for the next 7 Steps to BALM® coming up (each time the course runs, the number of participants is limited to insure powerful discussions)
  6. You record your phone numbers, access codes, id and password on the sheet we have given you to do so. (see…)


You Participate:

  1. You begin by downloading the Fast Track to Recovery Workbook in the Start Here folder.
  2. Then you start by listening to Lesson One of the Daily BALM®
    1. To find it, open the familyrecoveryacademy site and enter your ID and password.
    2. Then, go to the Start Here page. Read it if you have time. Download the Fast Track to Recovery Workbook.
    3. To make it easier to listen, you can have your Fast Track Workbook handy and/or download the pdf of slides for the lesson which you will find right below the lesson on the page
  3. Then, call in on Wednesday night at 8 PM ET, using your Daily BALM® phone number and access code.
  4. You may listen to one recording and one live call a week or may move ahead and listen to many. Some families feel the recordings keep them calmer and fill them with good information to help them cope. Others prefer the ‘slow drip’ method, You can take the information in at YOUR OWN PACE!

3 Different Suggested Approaches to Make the MOST of BALM®:

  1. Start by listening to all 12 lessons of the Daily BALM® in order to familiarize yourself with the powerful principles of BALM® Family Recovery.
    1. Also listen to the Weekly Daily BALM® Calls so you can hear what the experts and recovering families and loved ones have to say about addiction, treatment, and recovery. Ask questions when you have them.
    2. Check in on each of the 12 Principle (also called the 12 chapter) pages to see what the recordings are and listen to those that call to you.
    3. After a month or so of immersing yourself in the Daily BALM®, sign up for the next 7 Steps course and take a deep dive into 8 live, powerful, interactive family recovery calls with the instructors and participants.
    4. Practice what you are learning in your life, day by day, so that you can live your life from the perspective of BALM®.
  2. Start by coming to the live calls on Wednesday evening.
    1. Listen to the lesson for the week of the call you start on so you have a background in that principle when you come on the call.
    2. Check the index on the site or ask on a call about any topics you want to learn about so you can get to the recordings that will address your exact concerns.
    3. Take the 7 Steps of BALM® Course after a month or so of being on the call.
  3. Start with the 7 Steps and the 12 Principles as follows:
    1. Enroll in the 7 Steps course and take the course.
    2. At the same time, spend time with each of the 12 principles by listening to the lessons of the Daily BALM®.
    3. Use your Fast Track to Recovery Workbook to help you assimilate the information in each lesson.
    4. Listen to other recordings on your time.
    5. Join the Wednesday night calls as often as you can during the 7 Steps course and weekly once your 7 Steps course is over.