Our Approach

Be A Loving Mirror is a phrase often heard at the end of BALM calls, but it is so much more than a slogan. BALM is a way of life that involves a two-pronged approach to family recovery that allows family members to get their lives back AND encourage their loved ones to get THEIR lives back, too!

How do we do this?

The key to our success in helping families is that families have access to our entire program for one full year. This allows them to go through the ups and downs of life with a using or early recovery loved one with powerful education that includes information, transformation, and support along the way.

Here’s what it includes:

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Part One: Information

First, families attend and/or listen to classes that teach the 12 BALM Family Principles that provide the underpinnings of our program. These principles cover the major areas of recovery, creating a shift in attitude, behavior, and approach to relationship. Each principle includes a recorded lesson and almost every week of the year, families have the opportunity to attend live calls in which addiction and recovery experts, recovering persons, and recovering family members share their expertise and experience with listeners.

There is time for Q and A, plus all calls are recorded for listening at the family members’ convenience. Often families report listening in the car, in bed at night, while cooking dinner, and even in the bathroom! Families are invited to listen to the 12 lessons (one per principle) at least once and then listen to as many live and recorded calls throughout the year as they find helpful.


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Part Two: Transformation

After a few weeks of diving into information, families are often ready for more. At this point, they begin their deep dive into the transformative practices, tools, and skills that form the heart of the BALM Program: The 7 Steps to BALM (Be A Loving Mirror). We call this piece of the program the Pearl of BALM as it is somewhat hidden and completely beautiful and transformative. In the first three steps, participants turn the mirror inward and then, in steps 4-7, they turn it toward their loved one.

This approach of transforming the relationship with the loved one on the basis of self-transformation has long lasting results, designed to shift attitudes and behaviors, long after the class has completed. Often, families choose to repeat the course during the course of the year to deepen its effects even more.



Part Three: Support

The BALM introduces families to a wide variety of perspectives and behavioral shifts to increase family effectiveness in the process of helping the family and the loved one recover from the ravages of addiction. To increase the sustainability of what is being learned, families are offered additional support calls. During these calls, family members bring specific situations that they are facing and we work on helping each other solve these challenges using the many tools, exercises, and skills taught in the BALM.

As with all BALM calls, these are archived on the Family Recovery Academy website so that BALM members can deepen their learning and move their recovery forward. Individual one on one coaching is also available for families who wish to invest into an even further accelerated program. For information on one-on-one help with a BALM Coach, click here.


And finally, the FOUR most important things you should know about us:
  1. We understand you.
  2. We don’t judge you or your loved one.
  3. We commit to helping you get your life back.
  4. We commit to helping you learn how to become your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.