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About Bev

Beverly Buncher is a Speaker, Family Recovery Life Coach, and Life Coach Trainer. She is the creator of the popular Be A Loving Mirror™ (BALM) Family Recovery Method. Recently dubbed “The Leading Family Recovery Coach in the Nation”, Bev is the go-to person for families looking to get their lives back while still helping their addicts get and stay in recovery. She’s combined her 35 years of self-development, 31 years in Alanon, 25 years as an educator, and seven years as a Professional Family Recovery Life Coach to create a package that will make a real difference in  families’ lives.

Bev owns FRR, where she and her instructional team educate families and  train future and experienced life coaches to work with families through the BALM Institute.

In addition to The BALM Curriculum and many articles and blogs, Bev is the author two e-books you can find on this site as well as a forthcoming book  Fast Track to Recovery: The Be A Loving Mirror Path to Family Recovery. Her credentials include being internationally recognized as a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation), as a Master Recovery Life Coach (MRLC) by Recovery Coaches International, as a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach (CBC) through the BALM Institute, and as a Certified True Purpose Coach through the True Purpose Institute. She earned her MA in Teaching at the University of Pittsburgh.

A former teacher and school principal, Bev is married to Alan and has a step son, a daughter, and a two-year-old granddaughter who she loves building castles with and singing to sleep at night.

To contact Bev, you may email her at bbuncher@familyrecoveryresources.com or call her at (786) 859-4050.


About Alan


Alan Buncher, CSAC, is FRR’s Liaison to Treatment Centers and Families. Over the years, Alan has worked in almost every position in treatment including Behavioral Tech, Counselor, Training Officer, Program Director, Development Director, and Chief Marketing Officer.

After a long career of helping clients, Alan retired into the BALM,  where he makes himself available to treatment centers in need of family programs and families in need of extra support and advice.

About Tracy

my-pictureTracy Ward is our Lead Administrative Assistant, and a Family Recovery Life Coach. She has been in the 12-Step recovery community for 24 years, and is very active in taking the BALM Family Recovery Method into her community by coaching clients, being involved in county drug/alcohol awareness action groups, and even holds a BALM Community Family Recovery Support Group weekly. She is a proud mother of two wonderful children. She came to Family Recovery Resources 2 years ago to find help for her son who struggles with a Substance Use Disorder, and has found hope and a life beyond. Her passion is to help families find the same hope she found, and get their lives back.

To contact Tracy call or email: (502) 724-2686 or tward@familyrecoveryresources.com


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