Our Assistant Faculty


Profile-Jill-0619Jill Prevas is a wife, mother, and entrepreneurial business owner.
Jill’s professional background includes:

  • Business BS degree from University of Baltimore
  • BSN from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
  • BALM Family Recovery Coach (certified by Family Recovery Resources)
  • Family Recovery Resources Outreach Coordinator
  • Integrated Health Coach (certified by the Institute of Integrated Nutrition)
  • Student Assistance Professional (SAP) assessor for the Caron Treatment Centers
  • Baltimore County Public School High School Nurse
  • Director of a faith-based 12 step recovery program

Jill’s entry into Family Recovery Coaching came about because of her personal journey with family addiction. Because of Jill’s journey, she is passionate about coming alongside family members that have a loved one trapped in the disease of addiction. Jill firmly believes that families do not have to suffer in silence, secrecy, and shame.

Jim Graham is the CEO of a successful family business in the Chicago area for 25 years, in 12 step recovery for 20 years and 6 years of active BALM recovery.

Jim is a certified Life Coach and BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, certified through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and The BALM Institute for Family Recovery Life Coaching.

The confluence of Jim’s professional experience and personal experience in recovery and family recovery make him a great coach for people facing their own or a loved one’s recovery journey while also coping with the ups and downs of running a business. Jim says that his BALM journey along with his expertise in coaching have made him an effective communicator with customers, staff and family members. Jim knows the special challenges facing those who run or work in family businesses as they travel the recovery journey and is especially suited to help clients deal with the family dynamics of those intertwined in a family business, both within and outside of the business.

In addition, his work in the BALM has greatly impacted his ability to communicate effectively with his sons as they have moved in the direction of adulthood and his own ability to hold and train people in having BALM conversations make him a powerful choice for any parent facing the ups and downs of parenting.

andrea arlington

Andrea Neiers is an Inner Happiness Recovery Coach, Speaker, former reality show star, and author of the forthcoming book “7-Steps to Inner Happiness for Women”.

Her own detour to inner happiness led her through decades of living with loved ones who suffered from addictive behaviors from heroin and alcohol, to sex and other substance use disorders.  She also battled with multiple forms of both addictive and co-adictive patterns herself.

When her third marriage failed, she took a hard look at her life and came to understand that she would never find inner happiness unless she took a deep dive into her soul. She became educated, mentored, and coached by the best of the best and mastered the tools to create her own happy ending.

Andrea has three daughters who are now ALL drug free; two of them are happily married and the other is doing very well in Hollywood. She is dedicated to helping women who find themselves adrift in midlife just as she was, and to helping them find inner happiness.