Family Recovery Education and Life Coaching

“After years of living in the cyclone of our son’s addiction, we are involved in the BALM education and coaching program that is explaining everything we need to know. It is helping us to see we were not crazy, we were just trying to cope in an impossible situation. Now, with the BALM, I feel like I am waking up into a new world of sanity, inspiration and recovery.

“Before I was a helicopter mom who swept in to fix everything for my children. Now I’m striving to be a Helicopter Pilot, looking down on what my children are doing from a healthy distance and saying, ‘Hmmm. That is interesting.’

“And now, I have tools to deal with my own feelings and tools to help me communicate powerfully in ways that give them their best chance to recover. What a difference!”

A BALM mom

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Being related to a person with substance use disorder or other addictive behaviors can take everything out of you. But, there is help! The BALM Comprehensive Family Recovery Education Program will show you how to get YOUR life back AND how to help your loved one get THEIR life back too! And for families wishing to accelerate their progress, BALM coaches stand ready to help them through one-one-coaching in addition to the BALM Family Classes and Groups.

      1. We offer both family recovery education and family recovery life coaching.
      2. These offerings are designed to empower families to blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.
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