BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching

Are you a family member struggling to help your loved one?

Does it seem like whatever you do to help your loved one nothing works?

Have you been told you are an enabler, but you are afraid to stop doing so?

Do you ever feel like you are at the end of your rope?

We can help you. Here at Family Recovery Resources, our mission is to help ALL families blaze the trail to sobriety in their homes.

It is possible to learn new tools to help you reach your loved one while also bringing more peace and sanity into your life.

We find that for families of using and drinking loved ones, three things are essential:

  1. Information (Through the 12 principles of BALM provided in lessons as well as through the interviews with experts, recovering loved ones, and recovering family members)
  2. Transformation (Through the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror course which bring together information, discussion, and practice of the Be A loving Mirror method)
  3. Support (Through BALM Family Recovery Support Groups and Journal to Recovery workshops)

All three of these are available in a group format through the BALM Comprehensive. To register in the BALM Comprehensive, click here.

Some family members find they want or need a more individualized approach in addition to the BALM Comprehensive. For these families, we offer one-on-one Family Recovery Life Coaching. This dual approach of both group and individual help could be for you if:

  • you are in or have been in the BALM Comprehensive and need more support than the group setting alone can offer
  • you have had group coaching and would like to work with a coach one-on-one
  • you are in private coaching and want the group support as well
  • you feel lost in your recovery and need more support to be able to help yourself and your family
  • you are looking for additional help and would like to  have a private one-on-one coach
  • you have questions you need answers to and know you need both education and one-on-one support moving forward on your family recovery journey.


What exactly is this dual focus Comprehensive Education and Coaching program?

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching to give you the opportunity to get individual coaching on the challenges facing you
  • Access to the BALM Comprehensive so that you can study recovery in the company of the BALM community and then work with your coach to move forward on specific aspects that apply to your situation.

Who offers this Coaching?

One-on-one coaching is offered by a wide range of BALM Coaches and Coach Trainees through Family Recovery Resources.

BALM Coaches go through a rigorous training process in order to work most effectively with clients. They are students of and often teachers of The BALM Program. Part of their education includes a highly experiential component.

In order to meet the needs of families in need of one-on-one support, The BALM Institute provides Student Coaches, Intern Coaches, Graduate Coaches and Certified BALM Coaches. Pricing is based on the level of training and experience of the coach.

BALM Coaches are supervised and mentored to help them be more powerfully present and effective with their clients. This program is designed to provide a win-win for our coaches and clients in the following ways:

A limited number of client slots are available for the exclusive One Year Family Recovery Life Coaching and Education. These slots come up several times a year and the coaching is provided by a BALM Master Recovery Life Coach. To learn more about this program, click here to book a call with Bev or call 888-998-BALM.

Why are we offering Coaches at varying levels of expertise and training to our clients?

We created the BALM Institute for Family Recovery LIfe Coach Training as an important vehicle to help us fulfill the Family Recovery Resources mission, which is to to help ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.

People are showing up who need coaches  but are not able to pay the full private rate of a fully trained and certified Family Recovery Life Coach, which can at times be upwards of $200 per session.

Since the key to helping coaches become completely masterful is to provide them with deep classroom learning opportunities as well as hours and hours of coaching as they are learning, we decided to create this win-win opportunity for our community of families to get coaching and our community of coaches to coach.


Where will this happen?

On the phone and on the web, in your home, office and/or car.


How much will it cost?

For more information on pricing please reach out to the FRA team at or set up your private session with Bev here.


How will I get my coach?

We will interview you to help you find the best coach for you. Then, you will have a complimentary session with the coach we pick for you. If you feel it is not a good fit, we will do our best to find you one who is. Once you find the coach for you, you pay for your coaching and begin the work.

If you are in the community and would like to request a coach you have heard on the calls, feel free to ask us and if they have an opening, we will arrange for you to speak with them to see if it is a good fit.

What if I want more than 12 coaching sessions?

All clients who are continuing their coaching come in as community members. So your price to continue coaching will be at the community member level. Many clients decide they want 24 or 48 sessions (six months to one year) so they can go deeply into their coaching process during their year in the BALM Comprehensive.


We want your entire family to benefit from a BALM education! So….

When you sign up for one-one BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching,  up to four more members of your family can join you on the BALM Comprehensive Program  and this is included in your fee!

Don’t delay! This opportunity is a game changer! Allow your life to move forward by getting one-on-one Family Recovery Life Coaching and joining the Daily BALM!