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Beverly Buncher is a Speaker, Family Recovery Life Coach, and Life Coach Trainer. She is the creator of the popular Be A Loving Mirror™ (BALM) Family Recovery Method. Recently dubbed “The Leading Family Recovery Coach in the Nation”, Bev is the go-to person for families looking to get their lives back while still helping their addicts get and stay in recovery. She’s combined her 35 years of self-development, 31 years in Alanon, 25 years as an educator, and seven years as a Professional Family Recovery Life Coach to create a package that will make a real difference in  families’ lives.

Bev owns FRR, where she and her instructional team educate families and  train future and experienced life coaches to work with families through the BALM Institute.

In addition to The BALM Curriculum and many articles and blogs, Bev is the author two e-books you can find on this site as well as a forthcoming book  Fast Track to Recovery: The Be A Loving Mirror Path to Family Recovery. Her credentials include being internationally recognized as a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation), as a Master Recovery Life Coach (MRLC) by Recovery Coaches International, as a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach (CBC) through the BALM Institute, and as a Certified True Purpose Coach through the True Purpose Institute. She earned her MA in Teaching at the University of Pittsburgh.

A former teacher and school principal, Bev is married to Alan and has a step son, a daughter, and a two-year-old granddaughter who she loves building castles with and singing to sleep at night.

To contact Bev, you may email her at bbuncher@familyrecoveryresources.com or call her at (786) 859-4050.

Sandra Jones, MA, PCC is a Professional Certified Coach dedicated to helping coaches fine tune their skills for heightened confidence, professional competency and preparation for certification. She also helps professionals clarify who they are called to be as they experience life and career changes that don’t always support one another so that they can enjoy a sense of purpose and well-being. For those clients who want to Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up she helps them get traction making sure that they celebrate along the way. Sandra’s coaching career spans more than 15 years including over five years specialization in Mentor Coaching. Sandra deepened her mentoring skills as Senior Trainer with the Academy for Coach Training and then as a faculty member and Certified Mentor Coach for inviteCHANGE. In 2014 Sandra was named Mentor Coach of the Year by the International Coaching Federation Washington State Chapter. Prior to her coaching and mentoring career Sandra was a corporate trainer and human resource specialist in health care and banking. On a personal note, Sandra enjoys volunteer leadership roles in the ICF Washington State Chapter, within her church and WRY Toastmasters. Walks and hikes, good conversations over a meal with friends, and travel are rewarding parts of Sandra’s life.

Certified Coaches

Lisa Bio Picture (1)Lisa Costa spent many years as a broadcast executive before embarking on her new career and passion to help families whose loved ones suffer from addictive behavior. She received her BA from Boston College, and received her coaching education through IPEC, Crossroads Recovery Coaching, and BALM Family Recovery Coaching. Lisa is also active in the Salem, Massachusetts Chapter of Learn to Cope, helping to support families of opiate addicts. As a BALM Certified Family Recovery Coach, Lisa works individually with parents of opiate addicts. She is the mother of three grown sons, two of which are in recovery for opiate addiction.

Mike DeForbesMichael DeForbes (Mike) MFA, LCDP, CPC, ELI-MP is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional (LCDP) in the state of Rhode Island and has been working in the treatment profession since 2003. He is also a Certified Professional Coach, receiving his training from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and certification in Family Recovery Coaching from Family Recovery Resources.

Working as an addictions counselor at Discovery House methadone clinic in Providence, RI for the last ten years, Mike specializes in heroin addiction, opiate dependency and sex addiction recovery. He also understands harm reduction and is interested in working with recovering addicts who are strongly self-motivated in creating and sustaining their own harm reduction recovery program.

Mike has worked his own recovery for two decades. He has a strong spiritual approach to recovery and applies his studies in the Law of Attraction and Non-Duality to addiction treatment.

Jim Graham is the CEO of a successful family business in the Chicago area for 25 years, in 12 step recovery for 20 years and 6 years of active BALM recovery.

Jim is a certified Life Coach and BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, certified through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and The BALM Institute for Family Recovery Life Coaching.

The confluence of Jim’s professional experience and personal experience in recovery and family recovery make him a great coach for people facing their own or a loved one’s recovery journey while also coping with the ups and downs of running a business. Jim says that his BALM journey along with his expertise in coaching have made him an effective communicator with customers, staff and family members. Jim knows the special challenges facing those who run or work in family businesses as they travel the recovery journey and is especially suited to help clients deal with the family dynamics of those intertwined in a family business, both within and outside of the business.

In addition, his work in the BALM has greatly impacted his ability to communicate effectively with his sons as they have moved in the direction of adulthood and his own ability to hold and train people in having BALM conversations make him a powerful choice for any parent facing the ups and downs of parenting.

a_jean_pf_020_crop_orderJean Grossman, ACC, CPC is a Certified BALM Coach with a passion for helping individuals and families reclaim lives of fulfillment and possibilities. 30 years of experience as a coach and communications consulting professional, coupled with an intensive certification in Family Recovery coaching has made Jean a specialist in guiding clients through the recovery process –– and helping them emerge feeling empowered and renewed. Beyond facilitating recovery, Jean engages her wealth of experience to help individuals tap into their potential and reconnect with their truest selves.

By employing a tailored, multi-faceted (and fun!) approach to each coaching experience, Jean collaboratively works with clients so that they can consciously choose a life of personal empowerment and authenticity.

Profile-Jill-0619Jill Prevas is a wife, mother, and entrepreneurial business owner.
Jill’s professional background includes:

  • Business BS degree from University of Baltimore
  • BSN from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
  • BALM Family Recovery Coach (certified by Family Recovery Resources)
  • Family Recovery Resources Outreach Coordinator
  • Integrated Health Coach (certified by the Institute of Integrated Nutrition)
  • Student Assistance Professional (SAP) assessor for the Caron Treatment Centers
  • Baltimore County Public School High School Nurse
  • Director of a faith-based 12 step recovery program

Jill’s entry into Family Recovery Coaching came about because of her personal journey with family addiction. Because of Jill’s journey, she is passionate about coming alongside family members that have a loved one trapped in the disease of addiction. Jill firmly believes that families do not have to suffer in silence, secrecy, and shame.

fern weisFern Weis is a parent coach and educator working with the parents of teens and young adults.  Her family went through some very difficult times during her kids’ teen years.  With life revolving around a child who was underachieving and making poor choices, they had no choice but to take an intervention for him and a good hard look at themselves and how her family was operating.

After a month at a wilderness program, her and her family sent him to Hyde School, a college-prep boarding school of family-based character education and leadership development. Hyde isn’t just for the student, though; it’s for the parents as well. And it was the parent program that sealed the deal for her.

Fern and her family knew that their child couldn’t come back to the same home, same parents.  Whatever he learned, whatever progress he would make, it had to be reinforced at home.  They knew that they needed to learn a new language and a new way of doing things.  This very thing is what Fern has dedicated her life to teaching other parents.

Fern and her family found their happy ending.  Their son graduated Hyde and college, and is working in his chosen profession.  Their daughter has also found her own unique way as well.

Fern became so committed to the process that she continues to be a facilitator at family weekends, and to mentor her regional parent group.

After teaching middle school for 13 years, Fern trained as a life coach and founded Your Family Matters, in 2008.  Since then she has been teaching and supporting parents on the parent-teen relationship, letting go of the need to control, helping teens become problem-solvers, infusing values into parenting… in other words, helping them raise their teens to confident, self-sufficient adulthood and maintaining their sanity along the way.

andrea arlingtonAndrea Arlington is a Certified BALM Family Recovery Coach, a Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner and has Certification with ICF (International Coach Federation) pending. She is a non-denominational Minister, Mother and Grandmother.Due to the disease of Substance-use-disorder, Andrea has experienced the challenge of having two daughters who are in recovery from IV heroin use and other substances, the loss of her younger brother due to IV Drug and alcohol use and the loss of 3 marriages due to substance use disorder and a variety of other addictions. Her passion for family recovery results form not wanting another mother or family to suffer as her own mom and family did from the loss of her brother Ben and the trauma that she herself lived through as a mother and wife of those who suffer with substance use disorder and other addictions.

In addition to BALM Family Recovery coaching, Andrea is a Certified ASR Educator specializing in complementary communication techniques for enhancing intimacy in relationships. She is an assistant instructor for the 7-Steps to BALM and offers live group coaching for families in Malibu, California.


Trained Coaches

Frumma Gottlieb

Maryann Williams is a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, graduate of Family Recovery Resources BALM Institute, and owner of Best Chance Family Recovery LLC.  A registered nurse since 1996, she has been in the 12-step rooms of recovery since 1987.  Her passion is recovery from addiction and self-transformation to a life of peace, joy, and hope for families, friends, and addicted loved-ones.  Maryann lives on the Maryland/Pennsylvania line with her two dogs and two cats.  Her three grown children and five grandchildren live in Maryland.

Coach Trainees

my-pictureTracy Ward is our Lead Administrative Assistant, and a Family Recovery Life Coach trainee. She has been in the 12-Step recovery community for 23 years, and has taken it upon herself to start a Family Recovery Support Group in her community, and is taking the BALM Family Recovery Method to those families as well. She is proud mother of two wonderful children. She came to Family Recovery Resources to find help for her son who struggles with a Substance Use Disorder, and has found hope and life beyond. Her passion is to help families find the same hope she found, and get their lives back.

Jennifer Fisher

Elizabeth Ofsthun Gross (Beth) is  BALM Family Recovery Coach.  Beth is a recovery nerd and loves helping families get into and stay in recovery.  She pioneered the live version of the 12 Principles of Be a Loving Mirror in her community in the fall of 2016, and is currently teaching the certification course with Beverly Buncher to teach coaches how to bring the 12 Principles of BALM in person to their communities.   She also teaches the NAMI Family to Family class in her community.  She loves being a BALM Family Recovery Coach because the BALM Comprehensive has literally transformed her family and her relationships with her loved ones who suffer from substance use disorder.  Beth is also a person in recovery and been sober since October 15, 2013.  She has a bachelors of arts in Communications from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.  She has a background in marketing communications and loves to write and has produced lots of videos.  She also spent six years as a paralegal in family law and that’s where she learned that she loves helping people.  Beth and her husband, Brian, and their two sons, Alec, age 20 and Michael, age 19, live in Crystal Lake, IL about 50 miles northwest of Chicago, IL.  She loves going to mass, boating, reading, traveling, exercising, the arts — and making things happen!

Marissa Arber

Jackie Stein, is a life coach, recovery life coach and family recovery life coach, located in Pittsburgh PA but accessible the world over, thanks to Skype. She provides general life coaching, recovery life coaching to those in recovery from alcoholism and addictions, both substance and process, and to family members of loved ones caught in the grip of substance or process addictions. Jackie spent the first 31 years of her working life as a lawyer and compliance officer. A few years ago, she decided she wanted to do something very different….Jackie wanted to work with people, specifically, people looking for support.  Jackie is currently completing a Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling. While pursuing this degree, a series of circumstances led her to the conclusion that while those suffering from addiction have resources available to them, including rehabilitation facilities, the family members of those Loved Ones have limited resources. Jackie decided that part of what she wanted to accomplish was to help those family members find their own recovery. And then, by Providence, Jackie was introduced to the BALM family recovery program, created by Bev Buncher, the founder of Family Recovery Resources. She is now a firm believer that the BALM family recovery program and family recovery life coaching give families the best chance at recovery for both themselves and their Loved Ones.

Jeff Spikes

jean-harper-1-1Jean Norris-Harper, MA, LCDC, LPCI, MAC, EMDR certified, Eagala Certified
Jean Norris-Harper is a Psychotherapist working in private practice. She is licensed in Texas and is working on obtaining licensure in Connecticut, where she currently resides.

Jean works with individuals and their families who seek recovery and trauma healing. The methods she uses support moving beyond trauma and addictions to a sense of self that is both loving and peaceful. Jean uses EMDR to process trauma memories, triggers for addiction, as well as a way promote positive feelings about your future and your sense of yourself. Trauma can interrupt normal mental processes. EMDR therapy was especially developed to treat emotional trauma, allow safe processing of distressing memories, enhance coping skills, and relieve triggers for relapse. Substance abuse or dependency, process addictions, strauma and other forms of emotional difficulties can put a stranglehold on the life of an individual. These are problems that don’t just develop overnight. People with addiction, or concerns about their drug/alcohol use, are complicated people with difficult problems and often painful histories. Jean is dedicated to helping others get the support that they need to discover what is going on in their lives.

Lucy Tomkins For the last year and a half Lucy has been studying to become a Family Recovery Life Coach, alongside studying the BALM comprehensive educational program.  Previously, she worked as a volunteer support worker, supporting families affected by addiction.

Lucy has a passion and purpose to support all families who are struggling with a loved one’s addiction so they don’t feel so alone and can find peace in their lives, regardless of what their loved one is doing.

She has a son and husband, both in recovery and through the BALM education she have transformed her relationships with them and got her life back.

 Lori Skoumal Reeves

Donny Sutton-Brown

Theresa Bagnall

Lynn Mackin

Lisa McDonald

Stacey Karchner

Chris Prevas

Tim Harrington

Liselle Hill

Ginny Atwood Lovitt is the executive director and co-founder of The Chris Atwood Foundation, a nonprofit she and her family started in memory of her little brother, Chris, after he passed away from a heroin overdose at age 21.  She is a Virginia state-certified master opioid overdose reversal instructor and conducts regular trainings throughout the state.  She is passionate about reducing overdose death, defeating the stigma of addiction, and helping families to overcome the disease together.  After years of feeling like she needed more resources and education to help families broken by addiction she found that the BALM program perfectly aligned with her belief that families recover best together through unconditional love and support.  Like her brother, Ginny likes to find joy in even the most difficult circumstances –  thus, her three adorable and comical pugs were the inspiration for her fun-loving “Pugs Not Drugs” campaign and line of t-shirts. You may call her the crazy pug lady. She’s ok with that.

Betty Kreder