Our Treatment Center Partners

Life of Purpose Treatment – At Life of Purpose, we believe that no one should have to choose between their recovery and their education. With substance use disorder comes an enormous amount of shame. And more often than not, people in early recovery struggle with issues related to self-esteem. But, education alters the equation. If you are someone in early recovery working 40 hours every week at a minimum-wage job it is harder to see a successful future for yourself. On the other hand, if you are a student in early recovery working 30 hours every week at a minimum-wage job, you are a student. You feel like a student. You have an appropriate job for a student. You have a mission in life.  Visit Life of Purpose Treatment Center


Willow Place for Women – Willow Place for Women was founded in early 2011 by Dixie Brown and Allyson Chambers after they both spent several years in the substance abuse and mental health fields. They recognized the specific needs of women who were seeking a safe healing place for recovery from eating disorders and substance abuse. This realization led them to a small boutique setting in West Palm Beach where they developed a beautiful, quiet and safe home-like setting for women to find healing. Together, they developed a program for substance abuse and eating disorders that would lead women down the path to stability, hope and healing. Visit Willow Place for Women


One Method – Our program is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment centers in the nation. Yet, this is not a hospital-styled rehab. We have distinguished ourselves among other “rehabs” by creating an environment that is designed not for a group – but rather – for you. At 1 Method Center you’ll experience the therapeutic benefits of a carefully constructed personal treatment plan that is designed to provide you with everything you’ll need to achieve a full recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. And our staff is committed to you, no matter what time of day or night, to provide expert, individual guidance every step of the way, in order to help you succeed in the program and realize your true potential. Visit One Method


West Coast Recovery Centers – Our mission is to inspire and empower change through innovative, traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment. Our vision is for all treatment to be a transparent and individualized path to self-determined recovery. Visit West Coast Recovery Centers



A.R.E Homes, LLC– Our mission is to provide a high quality, safe, sober living environment for women in early recovery with substance abuse and dependency issues, while offering support services to both clients and their families to promote a healthy lifestyle and family structure. Visit A.R.E Homes, LLC. 

Sees-the-Day Recovery Residences – The mission of Sees-the-Day, Inc. is to provide the recovering addict and alcoholic with safe and supportive housing. We are also committed to creating a drug-free, stable and structured environment that’s conducive to emotional and spiritual growth and development. Our philosophy stems from the belief that recovery, which is extremely difficult, becomes easier when you are closely aligned and living with others trying to achieve the same objective. Residents receive the necessary tools to take responsibility for their recovery, thus insuring long-term sobriety and a smooth transition back into society.

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