Our Outreach Coordinators


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Lisa Costa spent many years as a broadcast executive before embarking on her new career and passion to help families whose loved ones suffer from addictive behavior. She received her BA from Boston College, and received her coaching education through IPEC, Crossroads Recovery Coaching, and BALM Family Recovery Coaching. Lisa is also active in the Salem, Massachusetts Chapter of Learn to Cope, helping to support families of opiate addicts. As a BALM Certified Family Recovery Coach, Lisa works individually with parents of opiate addicts. She is the mother of three grown sons, two of which are in recovery for opiate addiction.


Profile-Jill-0619Jill Prevas is a wife, mother, and entrepreneurial business owner.
Jill’s professional background includes:

  • Business BS degree from University of Baltimore
  • BSN from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
  • BALM Family Recovery Coach (certified by Family Recovery Resources)
  • Family Recovery Resources Outreach Coordinator
  • Integrated Health Coach (certified by the Institute of Integrated Nutrition)
  • Student Assistance Professional (SAP) assessor for the Caron Treatment Centers
  • Baltimore County Public School High School Nurse
  • Director of a faith-based 12 step recovery program

Jill’s entry into Family Recovery Coaching came about because of her personal journey with family addiction. Because of Jill’s journey, she is passionate about coming alongside family members that have a loved one trapped in the disease of addiction. Jill firmly believes that families do not have to suffer in silence, secrecy, and shame. 

andrea arlington

Andrea Arlington is a Certified BALM Family Recovery Coach, a Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner and has Certification with ICF (International Coach Federation) pending. She is a non-denominational Minister, Mother and Grandmother.Due to the disease of Substance-use-disorder, Andrea has experienced the challenge of having two daughters who are in recovery from IV heroin use and other substances, the loss of her younger brother due to IV Drug and alcohol use and the loss of 3 marriages due to substance use disorder and a variety of other addictions. Her passion for family recovery results form not wanting another mother or family to suffer as her own mom and family did from the loss of her brother Ben and the trauma that she herself lived through as a mother and wife of those who suffer with substance use disorder and other addictions.

In addition to BALM Family Recovery coaching, Andrea is a Certified ASR Educator specializing in complementary communication techniques for enhancing intimacy in relationships. She is an assistant instructor for the 7-Steps to BALM and offers live group coaching for families in Malibu, California.