Is Family Recovery Your Passion?

The BALM® Institute for BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training is now fully accredited by the International Coach Federation!

Have you thought of becoming a Life Coach?

We train Professional Family Recovery Life Coaches able to provide the delicate and powerful work of helping families affected by addiction to blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.  You will learn how to:

  • Life Coach anyone
  • Provide Family Recovery Life Coaching for individuals and whole families
  • Apply advanced Life Coaching tools to work with families
  • Facilitate BALM® classes and groups
  • Develop your own signature program
  • Work closely with other professionals in the Recovery and Mental Health fields
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Be a Loving Mirror (BALM®)

All of our work is infused with our special concept of BALM®, which gives families a communication tool and way of being that turns chaos to sanity.

The BALM®  (Be A Loving Mirror) programs, which include principles and steps designed to clear a path for families to get well and help their loved ones have their best chance at recovery. Coach trainees become extremely conversant both in the program itself and in how to coach families through it.

5 Powerful Program Components to build Excellence in Coaching!

The BALM® Institute provides a comprehensive training program that will not only teach you how to be a life coach, but also how to help families desperately searching for a way to help their loved one break the cycle of addiction and how to create a business that will allow you to thrive in the field.  This program includes:

The Daily BALM and 7 Steps to BALM 

Pre/co-requisite courses includes: 80 hours of Daily BALM sessions including 12 lessons, and scores of live and recorded experts, discussions, and recovering persons and families, educating you on addiction, family addiction, and Recovery. 20 hours of the 7 Steps to BALM including demos and buddy work with teacher feedback. You will also have access to the entire BALM library of courses and materials which come as a part of the Complete Coach Training package.


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Fundamentals of Life Coaching

Includes: 48 hours to prepare you to coach anyone on anything. First learn what it means to BE a Life Coach and then gain the skills and tools to create powerful coaching sessions and relationships. Learn how to coach on the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level so that regardless of the topic of challenge, you will have the skills to engage your clients in a way that will help them move their lives forward powerfully.



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Advanced BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training

This course has three parts: The BALM Approach, Advanced Life Coaching Skills and the Trajectory of Family Recovery. The BALM approach to coaching gives you the ability to coach families affected by a loved one’s addictive struggles utilizing everything you know about life coaching AND the BALM. Understanding the long term Trajectory of Family Recovery will give you skills to see the world through the families’ eyes. Then, the Advanced Life Coaching tools and skills will help you move your families through the obstacles holding them back. This 24 hour course will prepare you to work closely with a variety of Recovery professionals to make the strongest positive impact in your families’ lives.

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Experiential Training

Coaching improves with practice. Knowing this, The BALM includes the following in its Complete Coach Training package:  92.5 hours of hands-on-training including 12 mandatory and 36 recommended but optional hours of student-to-student coaching, a minimum of 7 hours of intern coaching with BALM families, 10.5 hours of group mentor coaching, 3 hours of individual mentor coaching, and a 24 hour weekend of in- person supervised group coaching.


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Prosperous Business Development

The BALM Institute also introduces you to how to grow and run a powerful, prosperous business. This 16 hour segment of the course provides trainees with the building blocks to begin their journey to prosperous coaching including how to get and keep clients, how to market your business, entrepreneurial financial basics, the use of storytelling in marketing, how to develop a signature program, how to use the BALM programs to expand your own business, best use of social media and Internet marketing, and the importance of moving from a worker to an owner mentality in your professional life.


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Training Structure

  • One or two-year program (your choice)
  • Choose your course package and timeline
  • Live online video classes
  • The Family Recovery Academy website, which holds a rich archive of over 150 recordings
  • Over 200 Handouts and numerous e-texts
  • Training and Certification Tracks
  • Business Development option to help you develop your career
  • An in-person weekend of supervised practice coaching

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Additional Courses also available for CCE and CEU Credit

The BALM Institute offers additional courses for life coaches and other professionals to increase their expertise and marketability in the recovery field. Courses include: Recovery LIfe Coaching, Coach Supervision Groups, Mentor Coaching Groups, Life purpose in Recovery. 

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