Treatment Centers

With a BALM Family Recovery Education Professional License, your Treatment Center, Recovery Residence, or Private Intervention, Therapy or Recovery Coaching Practice can provide the families of your clients with the BALM Comprehensive, our powerful threefold educational program:

    1. INFORMATION: We will educate your families with 12 Family Recovery Principles presented through weekly live calls, a workbook, and an online archive of over 120 hours of lessons, expert interviews, discussions, recovering speakers and recovery families. All of this information is organized in an easy-to-digest fashion.
    2. TRANSFORMATION: Your families receive tools to put that information into practice on a journey into 7 steps that empower families to effectively communicate with their loved one using the BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) method.
    3. SUPPORT: Group coaching calls where families can get their questions answered, receive support, and hear how others are coping with the challenges of a loved one’s struggles with substance use disorder and other addictions.

Treatment Centers using the BALM.

CEU Training Retreats for staff:

When families get well, the loved ones have a better chance at getting well too! Provide your staff with a unique perspective on how to facilitate accelerated learning for the families of your clients including:
    1. How to encourage families to use their leverage.
    2. Moving family members through their own change stages.
    3. Helping families move from denial to awareness and enabling to helping.
    4. Encouraging mindfulness in family members.
    5. Creating powerful advocates in the family for a loved one before they return home.
    6. Helping families heal their relationships through the use of the 7 Steps to BALM.
    7. How professionals can refresh and renew themselves for the challenging work of bringing families onboard in the process.


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